Political News


Political News


Statement from President Yvonne R. Walker on Gavin Newsom Victory

We congratulate Gavin Newsom on his primary election victory this week. Local 1000 supports Newsom because he’s the best choice for working families.

He will be our ally as we fight for fair wages, good benefits and a secure retirement. Leading up to the November election, we will make calls and knock on doors to get out the vote.

Politics matter, and we’ll use our voice and our vote to give all Californians the opportunity for a good life and to enjoy the fruits of social, economic and environmental justice.


A message from President Yvonne R. Walker

Throughout months of candidate forums, town hall meetings and videoconferences, we joined thousands of SEIU members across the state in meeting face-to-face with candidates for governor and engaged with them on issues affecting our jobs, our families and our communities.

Politics matter, and we want to ensure that whomever we support for governor is the best partner in improving the lives of state workers and all Californians.


SEIU California One Voice Endorsements

Click here to learn more about our endorsed candidates.

Constitutional Offices

Governor: Gavin Newsom

Lt. Governor: Ed Hernandez

Secretary of State: Alex Padilla

Attorney General: Xavier Becerra

State Controller: Betty Yee

State Treasurer: Fiona Ma

Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond

U.S. Senate

Kevin de Léon


Making Politics Matter for a Better California

One of the ways our union works to fulfill its Purpose Statement and create a better life for all Californians is through politics and the power of 95,000 members.

We make politics matter by electing lawmakers who respect working families, and by supporting legislation that makes a difference in the work and the lives of those families. Last month, we had an impact on two pieces of legislation important to working families.


I’m a nurse. And I’m terrified of what Republicans are planning to do to Medicaid.

Republicans are proposing to repeal healthcare and gut Medicaid, a scary proposition for Rita Lewis, a public health nurse and member of our union.

When she was in nursing school, she relied on Medicaid to cover the prenatal care and deliveries of her two children and worries for the countless patients she’s cared for in her 25 years of nursing, “I know firsthand that seniors, children, veterans, and individuals with disabilities could not gain a foothold on a healthy life without it.”


Politics Matter
Member works to keep Local 1000 values represented at the state and national levels

Member leader Nikki Linnerman knows that when it comes to winning a great contract and making a difference for working families, Politics Matter. Linnerman, who works for the EDD in Stockton, has been active in both Local 1000 and electoral politics. And this month her activities hit high gear: She attended the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia as an elected delegate and also began a legislative fellowship at Local 1000.


The Economist Reports on SEIU Members’ GOTV Push

Less than 24 hours before the midterm elections, SEIU members are in high gear in their efforts to knock on doors, make phone calls and rally with candidates who have pledged to fight for working families and make the economy work for everyone. An Economist story today profiled union-led get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts in Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania. “[SEIU's] members have been going door-to-door for the past eight months,” the article noted.

Article Yvonne R. WalkerPresident, SEIU Local 1000

Keep fighting for working families
Anti-worker Supreme Court decision highlights importance of member activism

The Supreme Court issued its decision in Harris v. Quinn. In a 5-4 decision drafted by conservative Justice Samuel Alito, the right-wing majority of the court dealt a blow to the partnership forged between the State of Illinois and home care workers through their union, SEIU Health Care Illinois-Indiana.


Member meets President Obama
SEIU joins national push for student loan reform

Local 1000 member Erin Thuston was invited to join President Obama and supporters from around the country for an event at the White House on June 9.

At the event, President Obama announced new executive actions to expand upon his administration’s student loan reforms of 2010, and further lift the burden of crushing student loan debt on American workers. The new actions include a presidential memorandum that will allow an additional 5 million borrowers with federal student loans to cap their monthly payments at 10 percent of their income.


Members made a difference in June primaries

The grassroots efforts of Local 1000 members played a pivotal role in California’s primary elections, ensuring that candidates who have working families backs will be on the November ballot.

From late April through Election Day, Local 1000 members and staff participated in more than 2,000 shifts of phone banking and precinct walking in targeted legislative districts around the state.