Press release

SEIU Local 1000 President Yvonne R. Walker Statement Regarding SCOTUS Janus V. AFSCME Decision

For Immediate Release
Press Contact:
Alex Arnone

Today, working people across the country stand together in solidarity as billionaires and corporations continue their assault on workers’ rights.  Special interests were willing to spend millions supporting Janus to win their day in court, but they are sadly mistaken if they consider this the end of the fight.

Our eyes are wide open to the “Right to Work” lies designed to divide us. Thousands of our members have already made the choice to stand with their co-workers and choose our union because they understand that standing together strengthens our ability to negotiate good contracts, fight for higher wages, defend our members’ rights and protect our hard-earned pensions.

Our message is simple: no court decision defines us, we aren’t going away, and we will continue to fight for our members, and all Californians, as we combat the epidemic of income inequality.