Summary of Key Activities/Business
August 2018

The SEIU Local 1000 Board of Directors (BOD) meeting was held August 24 – 26 in Sacramento.  President Walker brought together all DLC and Bargaining Unit Executive Officers to provide in-depth training covering multiple topics on how to support members in their areas, execute DLC and union wide financial compliance and tools to best govern their DLC.

During this meeting, the BOD members were presented with several analytics that would later inform and shape how they voted to support our “New Normal” since the Janus decision.  Some key analytics and examples included:

  • DLC Governance Models that provided a breakdown on the connection of Leader Development and Member Growth
  • Contract Enforcement/SPB and Merit Representation Support
  • Member Outreach through Organizing and Communications
  • Leadership Development through Bargaining implementation and Organizing

From the analytics we were able to extrapolate the lessons learned. Here is a brief summary of those lessons:


  • Increased staffing levels do not increase outcomes
  • Team model increases effectiveness, morale and outcomes
  • Collaborative goal setting results in greater ownership and achievement
  • Member development yields long-term site strength
  • Organizer rotations help increase our reach and ability to engage more members

Contract Enforcement

  • Overall, we reach 1.7% of our total represented employees through representation
  • 20% of our representation at URC and Legal is for non-members
  • Our relationship building with the state has resulted in greater settlement rates
  • Case handling is focused narrowly and needs to be examined on whether or not it results from steward activity, problem departments or specific campaigns


  • Proposals have greater success when members are engaged in the worksites
  • Training for SBAC and BUNC must include organizing and legislative skill building and comprehension
  • BUNC must be in regular communication with SBAC

During this meeting, the BOD was able to receive information to track the threats and funding being imposed by the Freedom Foundation and other anti-worker groups.

Additionally, the BOD passed three agenda items:

  1. Amended the Policy File to limit nonmember representation to only those areas required by law (generally just contractual representation like grievances—Stewards will be receiving additional training on the implementation of this policy file change over the next few weeks);
  2. Amend the Policy File to allow for new (non-civil service) units to join our union; and,
  3. Update the Bylaws to mirror changes made in the Policy File over the past few years.

The BOD also unanimously agreed to the following items:

  1. Set a goal to increase our membership ranks to 75% of represented workers;
  2. Five-Five-Five Accountability Program—where every member of the BOD shall recruit five new members per month, five new COPE members per month, and five new recommitments per month (this information will be tracked and reported out at all future BOD meetings);
  3. Conduct training meetings regionally;
  4. Expand our ability to conduct telephonic member saves and member recruitment;
  5. Move to a one-year budget until we assess our New Normal;
  6. Refurbish the one-story building so we can rent space to community partners to generate additional revenue; and,
  7. Establish a member development rotation allowing selected member leaders to rotate through union wide programs, learn our culture and grow their skills, etc.

The next SEIU Local 1000 Board of Directors is scheduled for December 2018.