Members Bring Their Priorities to Town Halls

On Wednesday, January 13, over 200 people came to the Double Tree Hotel in downtown Los Angeles to kick off the first of 26 town halls Local 1000 is hosting.

 The town halls are the centerpiece of a comprehensive effort to learn the contract priorities of our members as we prepare to bargain our 2016 contract. 

In a free-ranging discussion moderated by bargaining chairs and statewide officers, members at the LA meeting brought forward a number of concerns they would like the next contract to address. Issues such as upward mobility, outdated classifications and recruitment and retention were some of the topics that members are passionate about, and Local 1000 leaders took note.

 “Listening to our members and gathering their opinions is the most important part of the bargaining process,” says Margarita Maldonado, Local 1000, Vice President for Bargaining. “We want to take as many voices as we can to the bargaining table.”

 Pay increases are also in the forefront of members’ minds. For the first time in over a decade we are bargaining in the midst of a budget surplus, so state workers have every reason to be optimistic about the pay raise we have coming— but we are going to have to work for it. 

“The governor has made it clear he’s ready to invest in the long-term infrastructure and resources of this state,” says Local 1000 President Yvonne R. Walker. “We need as many members as possible to stand up and remind him that we, the state workforce, are the most important resource the state has.”