Learn about the bargaining process and give your feedback

Bargaining for our new contract begins later this spring, and already our represented employees are attending town halls up and down the state to meet members of our bargaining team and to share the issues most important to them.

 In more than two dozen town halls scheduled up and down the state, members are getting their questions answered about the bargaining process and identifying their priorities. Among the issues discussed: workplace conditions, job classifications, upward mobility and pay increases.” 

“Meeting with our members and gathering their feedback is just the first step in winning a fair contract,” said Local 1000 president Yvonne R. Walker. “We must all be informed, we must all be engaged and most of all, we must all be ready to work hard for what we want in this new contract. 

Use your voice! 

The Local 1000 bargaining team is comprised of more than 60 member-elected state workers who are now working to listen and learn about the issues most important to the members they will represent at the bargaining table. Our bargaining team is collecting information at the town halls in the form of member comments and, more importantly, results from a comprehensive bargaining survey offered to town hall attendees. 

In March, our bargaining team will compile the results gathered from our members in an effort to create contract proposals that best represent their priorities. “We want to hear from as many members as we can. This is our contract, and our future,” added Walker. “Together, we earned a fair contract that included pay raises. We can do even better—if we choose to stand up and take action. It’s our union. Our contract. Our future,” said Walker.