It takes every one of us to get a fair contract
Getting informed, getting involved are the keys to winning

Barry Frazier has been a proud union member as both a county and state employee in a career spanning more than 40 years.

Frazier attended a Local 1000 bargaining town hall, wanting to know more about Gov. Brown’s proposal to have state employees contribute 5% of their pay for the cost of medical retirement benefits. 

“Medical benefits are essential to retirement security,” said Frazier. “As a county worker, our retiree medical benefits were not guaranteed by contract. The Board of Supervisors constantly whittled them away.” 

“Just because you have these rights now, there’s no guarantee they’ll be there when you retire unless you stand up, speak up and fight to maintain what we have worked so hard to achieve.” Frazier was on the frontlines of bargaining with the county as the chief negotiator for his bargaining unit. Today, as a Unit 1 member at the Board of Equalization, he’s working with his fellow members on issues like recruitment and retention in the Business Taxes unit. 

“We have members talking to members, working to solve problems to make our workplace better. “ Frazier encourages every Local 1000 member to attend a bargaining town hall and get involved. “Share your questions, your priorities and then stand in solidarity to get what you want.”