Assembly Appropriations Committee Strikes Blow Against Elder Poverty, Moves Forward with Secure Choice Retirement for Private Sector Workforce

Sacramento, CA – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California released the following statement today after the Assembly Appropriations Committee passed SB 1234 (De León). The bill would implement a new retirement investment plan that would help alleviate a looming epidemic of poverty among California seniors by providing a way for private sector workers to save for retirement through automatic paycheck contributions.

Yvonne R. Walker, President, SEIU Local 1000 said:

“By passing SB 1234, the Assembly Appropriations Committee has moved California a step closer to a nation-leading breakthrough in alleviating elder poverty. Stuck between stagnant wages and high housing costs, many Californians have no opportunity for retirement and no choice but to work until they die. SEIU championed Secure Choice to ensure all California workers have access to a simple, voluntary retirement savings program. We applaud Senate President pro Tempore Kevin De León’s leadership in moving Secure Choice forward, and call on the Assembly and Gov. Brown to ensure every Californian has the opportunity for a basic level of dignity in their Golden Years.”