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Geographic Compensation Work Group

As you may know, one of our big gains we made through bargaining involves geographic task force, which will look at how workers who do the same job and work in high cost-of-living regions are compensated.

The State and our Union will participate in a task force to evaluate how the cost of living in certain areas creates recruiting and retention problems for certain state jobs.

We are looking for members to participate in the Geographic Compensation Work Group who are deeply connected and have direct experience dealing with this issue. Are you interested?


Stronger Together
Enforcing our contract, fighting for justice

When a Local 1000 member was unjustly excluded from a professional opportunity, we took action together to enforce our contract.

Our member was working as a Staff Services Analyst (SSA) and was excluded from the Associate Governmental Program Analyst (AGPA) eligibility list by the CalVet hiring office because they claimed that our member did not have the required five years of analytical experience.


Our hard-earned contract rights still in force

As we continue to take actions in support of a strong contract, we are still fully protected by our existing contract. Each of our hard-earned rights, achieved in past negotiations, is still in force. 

Our stewards are still providing real representation to enforce our hard-earned rights. And as we show our strength and pledge our support to take all Local 1000 authorized actions, management will threaten and try to intimidate us in an effort to weaken our cause. We’re not falling for it. 


Bargaining Summary April 13, 2016
Contract negotiations begin; thousands stand up in support of bargaining team

Local 1000’s bargaining team met with the state today in our first day of contract negotiations – backed by thousands of our members who “purpled up” and participated in worksite actions up and down the state in support of a great contract.


Contract Enforcement
Wins for members

Local 1000 members, stewards and staff are working together daily on matters of contract enforcement

Three Associate Environmental Planners at the Fresno office of Caltrans came to Local 1000 for help because they were working out of class. We forced the state to address the contract violation, staff gathered documentation and filed grievance. The grievance was denied at the first level, but Local 1000 kept the pressure on to address the problem, elevating the grievance until the state ultimately admitted the employees were indeed working out of class and granted the

Union Members are talking. Are you Ready?

Union Members are talking. Are you Ready?

As we prepare for 2016 Contract Negotiations, state employees all over California are getting ready to step into the arena and fight for a good contract.  We will need an active and informed membership to do battle at the bargaining table, at the ballot box, and in the legislative budget battles to fund state services.  

This is no time to sit on the sidelines.  It’s  Our Union.  Our Union. Our Future.


Contract enforcement: member’s merit adjustment restored
Protecting the hard-earned rights of all members

A Local 1000 member has had his 5% annual Merit Salary Adjustment restored after it was denied in June of 2015. Local 1000’s Union Resource Center (URC) filed a grievance, arguing the denial was unreasonable after management failed to establish any performance problems.


Grievance win forces state to properly apply leave policy
A Local 1000 member at Covered California wins a grievance against manager who deemed her AWOL while on active military duty.

The member works as a Program Tech II, Permanent Intermittent. The member was written up several times for misusing sick leave and being out on military leave without proper authorization. The Covered California employee is a member of the armed forces in the reserves who is called into active duty for training every year.

Ignoring our contract language and the members’ rights, Covered California management denied her medical and military orders, insisting that medical notes be explicit and demanding letters from her commander for every day that she was out on military leave.


Bargaining team preps for contract negotiations

Our 63-member Bargaining Unit Negotiating Council (BUNC) recently spent three days training intensively for upcoming contract negotiations. Local 1000’s contract expires July 1, 2016 – just ten months from now.

Bargaining strategies and tactics were key topics, along with discussions about member engagement. The focus: honing the skills necessary to negotiate a fair contract that protects our hard-earned rights from previous contracts while improving our wages, working conditions and benefits.


Members elect bargaining team

Nearly 200 bargaining representatives from across the state voted this weekend to elect Local 1000’s 63-member Bargaining Unit Negotiating Council (BUNC). These member activists and leaders will be responsible for negotiating the successor contract. The current contract expires July 1 of 2016.

Representatives from each of the nine state bargaining units met Saturday afternoon and evening to elect their bargaining teams.


Contract enforcement pays off in Unit 11 wins
Union representation proves invaluable to correcting mistakes

Local 1000 representation led to two Unit 11 workers receiving thousands of dollars in back pay after the union forced the state to correct errors in wages and benefit deductions.

“These wins are another example of the contract enforcement efforts Local 1000 provides to all members,” said Tamekia N. Robinson, Local 1000 vice president for organizing and representation. “Even bureaucratic mistakes cost members the money they’ve earned, and we’re here to help.”


DMV Manager Demoted for Treating Employees Poorly
Contract enforcement efforts pay dividends to improve workplace conditions

A victory for Local 1000 at the State Personnel Board (SPB) led to two abusive managers being seriously disciplined and showed how our strong contract enforcement efforts help members find relief from unfair and discriminatory working conditions.


Members at School for the Deaf flex organizing muscle to win
Local 1000 academic calendar win

Increased membership and a growing spirit of activism at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont (CSDF) led to a major organizing win for Local 1000 members there. When management tried to change the school’s academic calendar without employee input, members stood together and pushed back. All of the union’s demands were met, demonstrating that the greater our numbers, the greater our power.


Local 1000 wins $35,000 in back pay for Covered California members

Local 1000’s ongoing effort to improve Covered California’s labor relations resulted in three employees receiving about $35,000 in back pay and that relatively new workplace receiving another critical lesson in respect for a unionized workforce.


Union effort yields shoe reimbursement for registered nurses
Uniform allowance now includes shoes

After pressure from SEIU Local 1000, the California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS) has agreed to allow all registered nurses in adult prisons to be reimbursed for shoes starting in calendar year 2015.  This follows a similar agreement for Bargaining Unit 17 nurses working in the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). 

The agreement resolves a series of grievances filed by Local 1000 members. Union members have long argued that shoes are part of a nurse’s uniform and should be reimbursed under Article 12.11 of our contract. 


Local 1000 stops SCIF’s attempt to sidestep rules on new performance standards

 When the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) imposed a new set of performance standards without consulting the union, they violated our contract as well as state labor law and Local 1000 took them to task.


Local 1000 Members prevail in sick leave battle at DMV
Local 1000 fights for workers’ right to take sick days without harassment

Ensuring good working conditions for our members is a key element of Local 1000’s contract enforcement efforts, so when workers reported a pattern of harassment at the Modesto DMV over sick leave, the union stepped in to stop it.   


Local 1000 wins back pay for prison employees working out of class

Three members at Centinela State Prison used Local 1000’s grievance system to win back pay and certification after working out of class for a year.

Though all three are in the classification of Senior Account Clerk, they were working out of class as Accountant Trainees, apparently with the prison’s knowledge though our contract expressly requires prior CalHR approval.


Smart action by CTF steward puts a stop to electronic monitoring

Thanks to a grievance filed by a Local 1000 member and aggressively pursued by the union, Correctional Training Facility (CTF) management agreed to stop using electronic monitoring for timesheets, a practice expressly forbidden by our contract.


Local 1000 and CalPERS work together to improve privacy and conflict of interest policies

Systems and Work Place Privacy Policy

This week, Local 1000 and CalPERS worked together to clarify the language in CalPERS’ Systems and Work Place Privacy policy, in order to make sure that it was no more expansive than necessary . The Union was represented by Brenda Modkins, Bargaining Unit 1 chair, Karen Jefferies, a Unit 4 Bargaining Unit Negotiating Committee member, Latreece Smith, the president of DLC 781 and CalPERS representative, and the contract department staff.