Federal health care act yields state jobs

Benefit exchange to add more than 400 positions

Local 1000's longtime support for a national health care program is helping our members directly - with at least 400 new Bargaining Unit 4 jobs for the state agency that will implement the federal legislation. 

The new jobs in the program technician classification are part of the newly formed California Health Benefit Exchange that was created as a result of President Obama signing the Affordable Care Act in March of 2010.  
The goal of the health care legislation, which was supported heavily by SEIU at the national and state levels, is to make health care insurance available to nearly all American workers. In California, these new state jobs are part of the implementation of the program.

Longtime national effort yields results in state

For more than 20 years, SEIU has been a leader in national efforts to expand affordable health care to all working Americans. During the 2008 election cycle, it was SEIU's top priority and led to our union's strong support for Obama. Even though our members all have health insurance because of our union contract, Local 1000 has long supported health care for all. 

"We worked for years to elect a president and members of Congress who support expanding health care, and now we are seeing how it is paying off for California," said Sophia Perkins, chair of Bargaining Unit 4. "Our commitment to helping California families get health insurance has paid off. Now, we are seeing hundreds of new state jobs to help employers and workers find the best possible health care options. This is win-win solution for everyone involved." 

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