Local 1000 bargaining update: June 11, 2012

Negotiations over employee compensation continue today

Local 1000's member-elected bargaining team worked throughout the weekend, negotiating over state worker compensation. While progress was made, no agreement was reached and they return to the bargaining table with the state this morning.

Over the weekend, Local 1000 presented a series of cost-savings solutions that include the reduction of private vendor contracts, retired annuitants and student assistants. These solutions would impact how members would be affected by a pay reduction.

On employee compensation, our bargaining team proposed that any reduction in pay would be in exchange for time off. Members would have maximum flexibility in how they take their time off.

The state's team reiterated their proposal asking for a 5 percent pay reduction in employee compensation but left some flexibility in how employees take the time off. 

Local 1000's bargaining team proposed the creation of a task force with real authority to cut private contracting. The work of the task force would include timetables and benchmarks to ensure accountability.

"Our bargaining team is focused on making sure that there are cost-savings implemented that go beyond cutting the pay of state employees," said Margarita Maldonado, Local 1000 vice president for bargaining. 

On Saturday, Local 1000 President Yvonne R. Walker hosted a Channel 1000 Town Hall where she discussed our negotiations and answered members' questions. You can watch a taped version of the program anytime on Channel 1000.