Article 15.3: Hardship Transfer

Your right to transfer because of work and family issues

Your union contract contains hundreds of provisions designed to protect your rights. Article 15.3 - Hardship Transfer, defines your right to transfer to help resolve work and family issues. For example:
  • Employees experiencing a verifiable hardship may request a transfer to another geographic area to mitigate the hardship.
  • Verifiable hardships include domestic violence, mandatory job transfer of a spouse or domestic partner, family illness, serious health condition, injury or death of family members.
  • The state will work to reassign the employee to a comparable or lower position in the requested geographic area.
  • If an employee accepts a position in a lower-paid classification, the state will work to reinstate the employee to their former classification and salary level.
  • Transfers under this section are considered voluntary.
  • Departments must provide written reason(s) for denial of a hardship transfer.

How to take Action

Contact your Local 1000 steward if your rights have been violated. Your steward will work with you, management and your contract to determine the best course of action, including whether or not to file a grievance.

View the Master Contract for more information regarding Article 15.3 Hardship Transfer.